Notes from conference call 01 March 2017

Inner Shefl DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-03-01 Gordon Farquharson, Chris Chickadel, Melissa Moulton, Nirni Kumar, Johannes Becherer, David Honegger, Joe Calantoni, Ed Braithwaite, John Colosi, Roland Romeiser, Tony de Paolo, Amy Waterhouse, Art Miller, Jack Barth, Kevin Hass, Jim Moum, Jim Thompson, Jim Lerczak Agenda IOP schedule (and beyond) Timing: * Sept 12 – 19th: Sally Ride, Oceanus, Sproul all present … Read More

Notes from conference call 01 February 2017

Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting – 2017-02-01 Gordon Farquharson, Chris Chickadel, Jack Barth, Johannes Becherer, Ata, Paul, Matt, Tony de Paolo, David Honegger, Cigdem Akan, Art Miller, Kevin Haas, Mick Haller, Amy Waterhouse, Reggie Beach, Roland Romeiser, Joe Calatoni, Julian Simeonov, Luc Lenain, Manu, John Colosi Vandenberg permissions Reggie will let people know what needs to be done for permissions … Read More

Notes From Conference Call 04 January 2017

Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting – 2017-01-04 Reg Beach, Scott Harper, Chris Chickadel, Gordon Farquharson, Melissa Moulton, Ata Suanda, Matt Spydell, Falk Feddersen, Jen MacKinnon, Luc Lenain, Johannes Becherer, Amy Waterhouse, David Honegger, Kaus Raghukumar, Frank Spada, Sam McWilliams (Integral Consulting), Tony de Paolo, John Colosi, Jim Moum, Emanuele Di Lorenzi, Joe Calantoni and Christy Swann from NRL Agenda: Ship … Read More

Aerial Imagery

There is a tremendous amount of structure in the photographs taken from the air of the inner shelf. I thought that it would be educational (and fun) to discuss a few photographs in a series of blog posts. The photographs below were collected on June 28, 2015 during the pilot field experiment. In these photographs, there appears to be a … Read More