Notes from conference call 01 March 2017

Inner Shefl DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-03-01

Gordon Farquharson, Chris Chickadel, Melissa Moulton, Nirni Kumar, Johannes Becherer, David Honegger, Joe Calantoni, Ed Braithwaite, John Colosi, Roland Romeiser, Tony de Paolo, Amy Waterhouse, Art Miller, Jack Barth, Kevin Hass, Jim Moum, Jim Thompson, Jim Lerczak

IOP schedule (and beyond)

* Sept 12 – 19th: Sally Ride, Oceanus, Sproul all present
* Oct 5-14th: Oceanus presnet

So clearly the 12-19th Sept. is can be a bonanza for intensive with all 3 vessels (+ many small boats).

Logistical Questions:
* Will aircraft be flying during these periods?
* Which PIs are doing “intensive sampling”
* What is each PIs plan?
* How do we coordiante them?
* Where/when do ships survey?

Science Questions:
1) nonlinear internal waves
2) wind driven circulation and relaxation
3) eddies and sub-mesoscale.
4) topographic effects
5) turbulence and mixing
6) Surfzone transitions processes (rips, exchange, etc.)

To do:
For each Platform/Group:
– Assess budgets/constraints for time on site for each group
– Wish list for science goals (time, space scales)
Collect updated survey locations (moorings?)
J. Colosi – Send graphical or Google Calendar for the ships sched. to Falk for the Blog