SIO mini wave buoys:

SIO met buoy:

SWIFT buoys (s/n 11, 12, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 25):

SWIFT live map:

CSTARS satellite remote sensing:

OSU Guadalupe/Chevron radar (with links to archived data):

OSU Guadalupe & Pt Purisma radars are now available w/archives at:

  • Live radar notes: real-time image is downsampled (Google can’t handle more), to see where you are within the image click on “single image”, select “open in Google Earth”, click on the three dots in upper right, click “My Location”, BAM there you are. For kmz image time series click on “KMZ archive” back on the main live feed.

Spotter Dashboard:

Lion’s Head Webcam:

Be sure to check out the MOAIW (Mother of all Internal Waves)!

SIO realtime radar images from Lion’s Head in KMZ format: