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2015 Surface Vorticity Movie

Movie of the surface (top ROMs bin) vertical vorticity for the 2015 simulation. The top panels are for the simulations without waves and the bottom panel are the simulations with waves. Leftmost panel is temperature anomaly on the 200m grid w/ 66m grid (black box) overlaid. 2nd column is the 200m vorticity with 66m overlaid. 3rd column is 66m vorticity with 22m grid (black box) vorticity overlaid. Rightmost panel is the tide (green), Hsig (black), mean enstrophy in the 66m grid with waves (red) and without waves (blue). Notice the large effect of wave coupling on the surface vorticity.

Full 2009 Model Simulation FTLE Movie

In planning for the drifter releases, Matt Spydell has put together this movie for the entire 2009 simulation: Aug 15 – Nov 15 using the 200m and 66 m (north and south) grids. The movie is long, you can speed it up 2x using the tools button.  The top panels are finite-time forward Lyupanov exponents for times at 2, 4, 6, and 10 hour trajectories with bathymetry contoured at 25 m intervals until 150 m depth and then 50 m intervals.  The bottom panels are vorticity, divergence, Okubo-Weiss parameter, and perturbation temperature all at the surface (top most ROMs bin).   In all bottom 4 panels the temperature deviation is contoured.   The fronts are really clearly visible.   The thick arrow indicates surface current off Pt Sal and a thin arrow indicates wind velocity (note, they are scaled differently).   We are using this information to plan our drifter releases.

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