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There and back again

That’s a wrap for us out here. Gear in hand, deck overflowing, data download party in full swing, we’re headed home.  Till next time….


All work and no play makes…

We’ve been mostly working crazy hours out here, pulling in a silly number of moorings, downloading hundreds of GB of data, dealing with a few unexpected twists and turns. But we took a couple minutes on the 31st for sanity-retaining-fun:

Winning entry – the OSU ADCP team! Look closely in other photos for their serial numbers and hard-hat transducers


ADCPs at work on deck


Our ever serious chief sci

Thanks to our awesome cook Mark for getting pumpkins for everyone


Hopefully we all recognize this scene by now (brilliance by Jack McS)

Even our “pull em up, cross em off” board got festive

Just another day in the office with Kerry



You take one down, pass it around, 99 moorings left to recover…

Actually far fewer than 99, only 15 more to go as of Thursday morning. We have had an incredibly busy few days, with a few unexpected challenges.  As of now, we have most of the moorings onboard and  tons of data being downloaded.  A huge shout-out to the SIO research divers, who came out to lend us a hand.

Happy stack of recovered sea spiders

Some unexpected twists and turns

Weather has been incredibly good

Egg sacks(??) attached to many mooring lines

Our octopus count has been skyrocketing. The winner so far is VB50S-A, which had 5(!) surprised octopi crawling out of every nook and cranny upon recovery

Quad-pod coming aboard


The Sally Ride is steaming north, for the last major “big ship” effort.  We have 6 days on site to recover 61 moorings, and were greeted this morning by news from the Captain to expect 15-19′ seas upon arrival.  No problem!  Or so we hope.  We have an excellent ship, a solid science party, and lots of enthusiasm.  We also have a large map of all our mooring locations (gotta use that onboard poster printer for something), and we’re ready to start crossing them off one by one.

André Palóczy and Kerry Latham eager to start crossing off moorings.


More updates tomorrow when hopefully we have good news, and maybe even data, to share. Wish us luck.


Ocean color at NASA

NASA has put Pt. Sal at the center of their ocean-color reporting (a coincidence?). Thanks to Kate Adams for pointing out the current regional phytoplankton bloom: It’s on the front page of ocean color today:

“On October 4, 2017 the Aqua/MODIS sensor saw some oceanic fall color that is less often noticed than the corresponding land-based colors of deciduous forests. The offshore colors in the above view of western North America are from sunlight reflected by water and phytoplankton.”

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