SIO Airborne Flight (9/15/17)

Today the SIO Melville lab had a successful 4.5 hour flight. There were no clouds on site for the duration of the flight and the wind picked up for good wave measurements with the lidar. The flight track included multiple high altitude alongshore passes to capture an overview of the area as well as nine separate cross shore legs at … Read More

SIO Airborne Flight (9/14/17)

Today the SIO Melville lab was limited by a persistent cloud layer but we were still able to fit in a 3.5 hour flight at a reduced altitude of 2000ft. We flew a grid pattern above the ship tracks near Guadalupe, alongshore tracks from Oceano to Purisima Point, and cross-shore tracks originating from Guadalupe and Purisima Point. Click on images … Read More

Tidal variability of headland eddy shedding

  The Sally Ride and Oceanus are both wrapping up long (36-48 hour) repeat sections down here at Pt. Sal before heading back to Oceano. Following up on the Sounder post below, we have also been intrigued by the strongly time-dependent nature of the wake eddies being shed south of Pt. Sal. The figure above shows 15 passes around our “L” … Read More

SIO Airborne Flight

Another successful flight for the SIO Melville lab today. We had a mechanical issue that set back our departure time but we were still able to fly from 1430 to 1830 local time. We flew 8000ft alongshore legs from Pismo Pier to Purisima Point, down to 4000ft in a grid pattern within the Oceanus sampling box around Point Sal, then down … Read More