Overnight drifter trajectories (evenging sept 12 through afternoon sept 13th)

After a day of drifters running around Pt. Sal on Tuesday (12 Sep),  Jamie decided to deploy 9 of his drifters overnight.   He went up to the offshore side of the Oceano array just offshore of a big NLIW scum line and let them rip.  Back at the dock there was lots of discussion about what the drifter would do – beach?  or veer south.  There may or may-not have been wagers placed on what they would do.   I believe Dr. Spydell has to pay up with a 6-pack because this morning we saw that they did go onshore but then veered south adn cruised down the coast in cool meanders before jetting SE below Pt. Sal.   The tracks were so compelling that the drifters were left in again overnight.    Pt Purisima anyone?