Going with the flow

SIO drifters are ready to roll. On our way to Pismo, we successfully retrieved the IOP1 beached drifter from Vandenberg AFB. Thank you to the staff for their assistance! 26 charged GPS units, 26 bundles of CODE drifters, 1 ecstatic Matt Spydell.

The last boat afloat

Though most of our friends have left, the science crew of the Sally Ride has been enjoying our final few days of surveying. ¬† Some of the topics¬†that have been on our mind this week include wakes associated with flow around topography, strong fronts created by confluence in these wakes, or by confluences in the generally eddying along-shore flow, and … Read More

SIO Airborne Flight (9/20/2017)

SIO Melville lab had another successful four hour flight today. We overflew a Sally Ride transect before doing the usual cross-shore low altitude and alongshore high altitude legs. Still plenty of wind and waves on site and mostly clear skies with a few developing clouds at the end of the flight. L to R: Point Sal conditions today, sediment plumes … Read More

SIO Airborne Flight (9/19/2017)

After cloudy conditions limited the previous two days of flights to the very North end of the experimental site, today the SIO Melville lab was greeted with clear conditions throughout the region. Total flight time was 8 hours over the course of two flights with a variety of altitudes and headings flown to best sample the high wind/wave conditions. L … Read More

Pt Purisma radar now online

Our radar at Pt Purisma now has a real time site. Both sites can now be accessed from one link: http://research.engr.oregonstate.edu/haller/innershelf/osu-radar.php Hopefully this is of some use as work gets done further to the south.