Notes from conference call 01 February 2017

Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting – 2017-02-01

Gordon Farquharson, Chris Chickadel, Jack Barth, Johannes Becherer, Ata, Paul, Matt, Tony de Paolo, David Honegger, Cigdem Akan, Art Miller, Kevin Haas, Mick Haller, Amy Waterhouse, Reggie Beach, Roland Romeiser, Joe Calatoni, Julian Simeonov, Luc Lenain, Manu, John Colosi

Vandenberg permissions

  • Reggie will let people know what needs to be done for permissions
  • Gordon will connect with Luc about airspace

200 m model model group report

  • Sensitivity to initial conditions and winds
  • YouTube model runs do not have coupled waves in the runs

Will have the Sproul for the intensive observation period

  • Jen will send out dates

Reggie: spend money AND bill ONR

Update on coupled 66 m and 22 m grid runs

  • 66 m runs finished recently
  • 22 m runs in the queue to run
  • Runs take ~10 days
  • OpenDAP server may be down for a week for maintenance


  • 300 m and 100 m animations on the web site
  • Working on coupled runs