Notes from Conference Call Dec 7th 2016

Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting – 2016-12-07

Nirnimesh Kumar, Chris Chickadel, Gordon Farquharson, Melissa Moulton, Art Miller, Emanuele Di Lorenzo, Luc Lenain, Falk, Ata, Kevin Haas, David Honeggar, Amy Waterhouse, Joe Calantoni, Ed Braithwaite, Jack Barth, Scott Harper, Reg Beach, Johannes Becherer

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Blog URL:

The blog hosted by Scripps (Falk)
current locked, Falk will fix and notify
comments needed on the structure, links etc.
Ask for logins to post from FalkUpdates on ship schedule (John/Jack)
cruise schedules are very tight, unlikely to change, but will need to be flexible in event schedule slips
Action item: need list of science part lists for all cruises (Jack, John, Jim)
Terrill working on new radar system for Sally Ride
Biosonics on Sally Ride in process
Latest schedule
2 Sep Mob
3 Sep Depart Newport
18 Sep Arrive SF
19 Sep DeMobPlan IOP for this periodTurn Around Cruise
2 Oct Mob in SF
4 Oct Depart SF
15 Oct Arrive San Diego
16 Oct DeMob

Sally Ride:
4 Sep Mob in San Diego
7 Sep Depart
23 Sep Arrive
24 Sep DeMob

29 Oct Mob San Diego
30 Oct Depart
5 Nov Arrive
7 Nov DeMob

Plan for aircraft to ship communications (Luc/Gordon)
Marine band radio on aircraft, AV radio on ships
Gordon/Luc will find link to AV radio for purchase
APL will find marine band radio
Works well with dedicated comms person on the ship
Lenain provide Sally Ride with AV ground station (Colosi lead on finding comms contact)
Oceanus AV radio in works (Luc, Jack Barth to discuss)
Data snapshot *may* be possible with cell data transfer
Lat, Lon reporting via radio, tracking possible?
Radar site comms? (Mick, Eric, David)

Requests for model products to be used for planning purposes (Kevin)
Here is a link to a spreadsheet. Please go ahead and indicate what kind of data you are interested and will will follow up individually:
OpenLDap server?
Model data available for analysis and preplanning, midAug – mid Nov 2009
Hourly data, more temporal detail available – netCDF format –
Field site covered by 600m and 200m grids, with and without tides
Fine grid from Pt Sal north, without waves, waves coming soon
Finer grid from Purisma Pt. south
create youTube playlist of the data? – add request to spreadsheet above
Modeling matlab tools for visulaization (Nirni, Ata)
Periodic meetings with sub-groups for modeling input

Xband Radar on R/V Sally Ride
WAMOS/Rutter  radar head/antenna now installed on R/V Sally Ride, cabling and electronics install on 12/19.  It is permanently installed on the Ride.
Scripps will need one berth on the Ride for WAMOS operator.
Our land based X-Band container at LFO6 (Kelvin Hughes install, below Lion’s Head) has both air and marine band radios, any brand will do really, we just need to agree on frequencies.Position update for instuments