Notes From Conference Call 04 January 2017

Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting – 2017-01-04

Reg Beach, Scott Harper, Chris Chickadel, Gordon Farquharson, Melissa Moulton, Ata Suanda, Matt Spydell, Falk Feddersen, Jen MacKinnon, Luc Lenain, Johannes Becherer, Amy Waterhouse, David Honegger, Kaus Raghukumar, Frank Spada, Sam McWilliams (Integral Consulting), Tony de Paolo, John Colosi, Jim Moum, Emanuele Di Lorenzi, Joe Calantoni and Christy Swann from NRL


  • Ship logistics planning: berths / list of people; equipment space needs
  • Jack Barth (Oceanus), John Colosi (Ride) will coordinate berths, coordinate offline in smaller groups
  • Ride will have a port call for swap, or small boat transfer (preferred)

Modeling requests (reminder)

  • updating web page, OpenDap access
  • posting fall 2009, will provide code to extract data
  • 600 and 200m posted now, 66m posted by the end of the week
  • Processed down to 22m (for south, remaining north portion processing now ETA ?)
  • Will post UCLA, UCSB group model runs also
  • Please add ALL requests to the spreadsheet


  • Jim forwarded a report on the GusT testing to date
  • Included are discussion plans for May June
  • Monterey Bay and OR deployment moorings walked, low tide in short waves
  • Remedy with 1200lb anchors in deeper water, need relatively high tension, shallow water will have lander
  • deployments (20-30m depth min)
  • Jim will individually contact mooring groups to discuss mooring technical plans


  • 2 bottom mounted receivers (10-15 depth), with one bottom mounted source
  • study alongshore and cross-shore propagation anisotropy, surfzone noise, transmission loss in nearshore


  • CR funding is in the building – will send, but no notices
  • Meteorology group(s) may be added