APL-UW moored SWIFTs and sea spider deployments complete

Thursday was day two on the water for APL-UW. The dolphins couldn’t quite keep up with us on our easy early morning transit from Port San Luis to Point Sal. We deployed APL’s last two sea spiders south of Point Sal under somewhat clear skies, with a hefty marine layer visible farther offshore. On the way home we ran into several large foamy streaks near … Read More

APL-UW day 1 on the water: moored SWIFTs and a sea spider deployed

APL-UW got out on the water today after a trucking company delivered both the R/V Sounder (APL-UW) and the R/V Kalipi (OSU) to Port San Luis. Once underway, APL deployed a sea spider in 20 m off Oceano and then moored SWIFTs on either side of Pt Sal.  The Pt Sal positions are along the SIO lines.  The one south … Read More

A Day of Mooring Deployments Aboard the Oceanus

A full day of mooring deployments from R/V Oceanus! A beautiful day with a little fog in the morning, but lots of sunshine in the afternoon. Lots of sea life out here including seabirds lined up in long rows at the internal wave fronts, pelicans patrolling by, sea lions, a whale slapping its tail, and a BIG mola mola. Nice … Read More

Installing underway instruments on the R/V Ride

After the Ride deploys all of the moorings at the beginning of the trip, the scientists and engineers will switch into “survey mode” along with the rest of the research vessels big and small and aircraft. During survey mode, all of the underway instruments will be used, including an over-the-side mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). This instrument is attached to … Read More

First SAR Images Available at CSTARS

A web page showing all satellite SAR images obtained and processed so far, as downloadable GeoTIFFs and as browse images for basic orientation (Google Earth screen shots), went online today at CSTARS: The URL of the page is https://www.cstars.miami.edu/cstars-projects/inner-shelf. So far there are two COSMO-SkyMed images acquired on Sep 05, 02:22 UTC (Sep 04, 19:22 PDT) and Sep 05, 13:14 UTC … Read More