Installing underway instruments on the R/V Ride

After the Ride deploys all of the moorings at the beginning of the trip, the scientists and engineers will switch into “survey mode” along with the rest of the research vessels big and small and aircraft. During survey mode, all of the underway instruments will be used, including an over-the-side mounted Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP). This instrument is attached to a unwieldy pole that is fastened to the deck of the ship. The ADCP is then attached to the bottom of the pole so that while the ship is surveying, the near-surface velocities can be measured. This is combined with the deeper velocities that are being measured by the ship. Sometimes this installation can be less than precise (see video)!


Development engineers Paul Chua and Spencer Kawamoto and postdoctoral researcher Sean Haney fasten the pole to the deck of the Ride. Photo & video: Suanda

As on the R/V Oceanus, the R/V Ride has been outfitted with an infrared camera and radiometer courtesy of Chris Chickadel from the University of Washington. Assistant Professor Nirnimesh Kumar has been tasked with setting up and keeping the IR camera & radiometer up and running during the R/V Ride’s survey mode. These instruments will be getting snapshots of temperature from the bow of the ship as the ship steams over temperature fronts in the inner shelf.

Assistant professor Nirni Kumar (L) and development engineer Eric Lo (R) from Qualcomm Institute UC San Diego stand beside the IR camera and radiometer equipment on the bow of the R/V Ride. Photo: MacKinnon

Infrared camera pointed towards the waterline from the bow of the R/V Ride. Photo: MacKinnon