Readying gear on the R/V Sally Ride

While the Oceanus is making its way to the inner shelf study area, the science party of the R/V Sally Ride have been furiously loading and readying gear in San Diego for departure on Thursday. The sun has hiding behind fairly thick clouds for the last two days which has certainly made it easier for loading and everyone is very excited about departure! Readying … Read More

Radiometer aboard R/V Oceanus

Chris Chickadel’s radiometer mounted on the port side of the R/V Oceanus’ flying bridge looking forward. Thanks to Mei Sato and the OSU Marine Technicians for making this happen. Taken in Newport just before sailing.

Thermistor prep aboar R/V Oceanus

Prepping some of the 150 thermistors to be deployed from the R/V Oceanus. Raelynn Heinitz (OSU undergrad student), Una Savic (OSU grad student), Mei Sato (OSU postdoc) and Marnie Jo Zirbel (not pictured) hard at work. One more day of transit ….

R/V Oceanus sails from Newport, Oregon

The R/V Oceanus has sailed from Newport, Oregon, with a loaded deck and an eager science team. We were greeted by gray whales right out of the bay. We’re ready to deploy 11 temperature moorings and 8 bottom landers. The Miami Doppler Marine Radar, installed by Hans Graber and Bjoern Lund and operated by Lisa Nyman, is working well and … Read More

Radar image from Lion’s Head

Backscatter average from 2017-08-30 2300 UTC showing internal wave signatures, and other frontal activity. Maximum range is 8km.