APL-UW day 1 on the water: moored SWIFTs and a sea spider deployed

APL-UW got out on the water today after a trucking company delivered both the R/V Sounder (APL-UW) and the R/V Kalipi (OSU) to Port San Luis.

R/V Kalipi and R/V Sounder on the big rig.

Once underway, APL deployed a sea spider in 20 m off Oceano and then moored SWIFTs on either side of Pt Sal.  The Pt Sal positions are along the SIO lines.  The one south of Pt Sal felt close enough to reach out and touch the rocks.

The SWIFT data are available hourly from the following links: SWIFT 24 (south of Pt Sal) , SWIFT 25 (north of Pt Sal)

Or, just view on the SWIFT map and click on the icon for most recent wave height.

Turbulence data also available via telemetry– contact Jim T to learn how to work with the binary files.

SWIFT 25 moored near Pt Sal