Alongshore transects

Today the Kalipi raced the Oceanus in an all out battle for data. We ran transects parallel to the Oceanus, surveying with a side-mounted ADCP and fast profiling CTD. During our transect along the 10 m isobath, we encountered some surprising suddenly shallow regions, so our second transect was moved to the 15 m isobath, where we managed to finally … Read More

On board the Kalipi (9/9/17)

Today we deployed OC10N-T and OC10N-A, the last of the moorings deployed by the Oceanus/Kalipi group.  We then rigged the Kalipi for survey mode (side-mounted ADCP and fast profiling CTD).  Will commence surveys tomorrow (9/10) in coordination with the Oceanus. On board the Kalipi:  Una, Matt, Taylor and Jenny. Getting ready to deploy OC10N-T:  Jim and Matt. View of Sally … Read More

Drifter Test Day

Sep 9, 2017 Today we (SIO and APL crews) tested out releasing and recovering drifters. We released 3 clusters of 9 drifters off the Pismo Beach Pier (see Figs below). All drifters were released by approximately 11:00 and drifted for about 3 hrs. The drifters displaced approximately 3 km in these 3 hours, so the surface current magnitude is |u|~25 … Read More

Chasing an internal bore on Oceanus

A few images from today’s exploration on R/V Oceanus. It was great to see the Oceano array complete with the final installation by the R/V Sally Ride at OC25NB and by the R/V Kalipi at OC10N. It’s satisfying to see our paper plans become reality. —Jack Barth and the OSU team onboard R/V Oceanus We chased an internal bore from … Read More

Shore side met stations

Two shore side met stations are up and running.  These are collocated with the OSU radar sites at Guadalupe and Pt Purisma.  Parameters measured are wind speed, wind direction, air temp, air pressure, relative humidity, and shortwave radiation.  We are working on adding long wave radiation at Gaudalupe.  The data are recorded locally, and will be available  at the end … Read More