Alongshore transects

Today the Kalipi raced the Oceanus in an all out battle for data. We ran transects parallel to the Oceanus, surveying with a side-mounted ADCP and fast profiling CTD. During our transect along the 10 m isobath, we encountered some surprising suddenly shallow regions, so our second transect was moved to the 15 m isobath, where we managed to finally “catch” something after “fishing” all day—a brief snag on something on the bottom. But all was well, and we successfully completed two transects before heading in to avoid potential thunderstorms.

“That Oceanus will never catch us!” -Jenny

Keeping a close eye on our competition: the Oceanus from afar.

Jim fishes for data with the fast profiling CTD. Fish on!

-Jenny Thomas (all photos: Taylor Eaton)