Transects and Boxes

Yesterday, September 11th, the Kalipi crew got over the afternoon hump with the arrival of numerous slicks and red biological growth on the water surface. It did help us not want to jump into the water. The energy was high until the end of the day!   Today, the Kalipi crew spent the day running surveys using the side-mounted ADCP … Read More

Sounder transects near Pt Sal

Here’s an example of the persistent southerly flow and separation that we have seen the last few mornings with the Sounder and Sally Anne (SIO whaler) running ADCP transects around Pt Sal. ┬áSally Ride is on this transect now, so we should soon see what this looks like during other phases of the tide.  

IOP1 Day 2 Small Vessel Ops

Monday, Sep. 11 was the Feddersen group’s second day of small vessel transects and drifter deployments. After some early morning thunderstorm concern, the sky cleared up nicely and resulted in a productive day out on the water. For the second day in a row, the Sally Ann teamed up with the RV Sounder to run two transect paths around Point … Read More

SIO Airborne over Oceano Array

Successful four hour flight for the SIO Melville lab today. High level clouds gave way to mostly clear skies as we focused on flying the Oceano array on top of the other vessels. We observed some interesting features as others have noted as well as a biological bloom marked by red surface waters in nearshore waters. Click photo for full size.

The BAT flies!

Today on R/V Oceanus we got the Acrobat flying with its two GusT probes sticking out front. We’re using it to survey a flux box around the Oceano array. It takes us about 3 hours to go around it at 5 knots. Before we started BATing — oh, by the way, there’s a real bat with us on Oceanus, likely … Read More