Chasing an internal bore on Oceanus

A few images from today’s exploration on R/V Oceanus. It was great to see the Oceano array complete with the final installation by the R/V Sally Ride at OC25NB and by the R/V Kalipi at OC10N. It’s satisfying to see our paper plans become reality.

—Jack Barth and the OSU team onboard R/V Oceanus

We chased an internal bore from offshore to the 20-m isobath. We made repeated transects through the bore and saw it evolve as it propagated shoreward. The front had a nice convergence line of foam and we saw diving seabirds in the acoustics and with our eyes as they lined up to take advantage of the accumulation of food. Mick’s radar showed it nicely and it did keep propagating shoreward in to waters shallower than Oceanus can sample. Jim Lerczak and Kalipi will have fun sampling that region.