Shore side met stations

Two shore side met stations are up and running.  These are collocated with the OSU radar sites at Guadalupe and Pt Purisma.  Parameters measured are wind speed, wind direction, air temp, air pressure, relative humidity, and shortwave radiation.  We are working on adding long wave radiation at Gaudalupe.  The data are recorded locally, and will be available  at the end … Read More

APL-UW day 1 on the water: moored SWIFTs and a sea spider deployed

APL-UW got out on the water today after a trucking company delivered both the R/V Sounder (APL-UW) and the R/V Kalipi (OSU) to Port San Luis. Once underway, APL deployed a sea spider in 20 m off Oceano and then moored SWIFTs on either side of Pt Sal.  The Pt Sal positions are along the SIO lines.  The one south … Read More

Ship ops teleconference notes – June/20/2017

Call minutes – Inner Shelf DRI ship ops (June/20/2017) Attendees: Amy Waterhouse, Jen MacKinnon, André Palóczy, Ata Suanda, John Colosi. SIO aircraft group (Luc and Ken): Make sure some of the flights overlap with ship tracks. Want to look for surface signature of IWs and track them. Also interested in fronts and flow separation at Pt. Sal. Will arrive at … Read More

Ship ops teleconference notes – June/05/2017

Call minutes – Inner Shelf DRI ship ops (June/05/2017) Attendees: Amy Waterhouse, Jen MacKinnon, Jack Barth, André Palóczy, Chris Chickadel, Melissa Moulton. Info from UW aircraft group (Chris and Melissa): Interested in surfzone-inner shelf exchange, fronts and surface signature of IWs and bores. Can fly up to 8 h/day, refuel after 4 h and return to survey. ~1 h of transit. … Read More