Ship ops teleconference notes – June/20/2017

Call minutes – Inner Shelf DRI ship ops (June/20/2017)

Attendees: Amy Waterhouse, Jen MacKinnon, André Palóczy, Ata Suanda, John Colosi.

SIO aircraft group (Luc and Ken):

  • Make sure some of the flights overlap with ship tracks. Want to look for surface signature of IWs and track them. Also interested in fronts and flow separation at Pt. Sal.

  • Will arrive at Pt. Sal on Sep/10 to set up. Can start flying on the 11th, but very flexible.

  • Observations/instrumentation: Directional surface wave spectrum (SSH from the LIDAR at ~30 cm horizontal resolution), surface temperature and surface velocity from feature tracking (from IR cam). Also surface wave breaking (from the visible-band cam).

  • Swath: For surface velocity ~2 km, for waves and fronts ~1 km – 200 m.

  • Flight speed: 50 m/s.

  • Flight times are weather dependent. If foggy, no flight.

  • Can send phone pictures to people in the ships.

General remarks:

  • Luc/John: During the pilot, saw more IW beams reaching Pt. Sal propagating from W to E or from SW to NE.

  • Luc/John: IWs were more energetic South of Pt. Sal (Between Pt. Arguelo and Pt. Conception).

  • Ata: A crude way of removing the barotropic tide from the ship data is to subtract the vertically-averaged velocity averaged over the ship track.

  • Jen: For the headland eddies module: How much vorticity is inshore/offshore of the 20 m isobath around Pt. Sal?