The R/V Oceanus sets sail once again

The crew on the R/V Oceanus left port today from San Francisco under a fortuitous blue sky. We are headed south to Point Sal and expect to arrive in the morning on Thursday. We plan to recover and re-deploy up to 8 moorings and 9 landers over the next five days, as well as continue surveys with the towed Mini-bat/Acrobat … Read More

SIO student cruise wrap-up

After 240 hours of hard work and 4,970 towed uCTD casts, we are happy to add SCoNE (point Sal Coastal circulatioN Experiment) to the list of successful student cruises made possible by the UC Ship Funds Program. We wish to thank everyone who worked to make this experiment a reality, including the Science Party and the Crew of the R/V Robert … Read More

Dissipation around Pt Sal

Here’s a quick work up of the SWIFT drifts around Pt Sal from the previous few days.  The drifts are all southwards (releases are at the northernmost points for each track), and the color scale is the log10 of the TKE dissipation rate averaged over the upper 5 m.  Looks like there is a region of high dissipation were the … Read More

Sounder transects near Pt Sal

Here’s an example of the persistent southerly flow and separation that we have seen the last few mornings with the Sounder and Sally Anne (SIO whaler) running ADCP transects around Pt Sal.  Sally Ride is on this transect now, so we should soon see what this looks like during other phases of the tide.  

Drifter Test Day

Sep 9, 2017 Today we (SIO and APL crews) tested out releasing and recovering drifters. We released 3 clusters of 9 drifters off the Pismo Beach Pier (see Figs below). All drifters were released by approximately 11:00 and drifted for about 3 hrs. The drifters displaced approximately 3 km in these 3 hours, so the surface current magnitude is |u|~25 … Read More