Pt Purisma radar now online

Our radar at Pt Purisma now has a real time site. Both sites can now be accessed from one link: Hopefully this is of some use as work gets done further to the south.

Chasing vorticity off Oceano

The Inner Shelf armada is conducting synchronized along shelf lines off Oceano. Here’s a shot of R/Vs Kalipi and Sounder inshore of Oceanus. They were soon joined by Sally Ann shoreward of Sounder. On the offshore side was Sally Ride. Oceanus’ radar shows the 5 vessels all in a row headed north. The ADCP from Oceanus shows some nice upwelling, … Read More

Dissipation around Pt Sal

Here’s a quick work up of the SWIFT drifts around Pt Sal from the previous few days.  The drifts are all southwards (releases are at the northernmost points for each track), and the color scale is the log10 of the TKE dissipation rate averaged over the upper 5 m.  Looks like there is a region of high dissipation were the … Read More

Bring on the wind!

What a difference a day makes. Here’s a photo of a CTD launch on Oceanus this morning (9/15) giving data as we pass through these internal waves visible on the echosounder The vertical profiles show two groupings, as the internal waves heave the thermocline up and down. With some clever changes in the plotting scale, you can make fun patterns … Read More

Evidence of cross-shore exchange at Oceano 20 m isobath

Here’s a quick plot from one of Sounder’s laps around the inshore box today (14 Sep 2017).  The first leg goes along the 20 m isobath from the NW corner to the southwest corner.  The upper 10 m of water is headed onshore (red) at ~20 cm/s, and the lower 10 m of water is headed offshore at ~ 20 … Read More