Chasing vorticity off Oceano

The Inner Shelf armada is conducting synchronized along shelf lines off Oceano. Here’s a shot of R/Vs Kalipi and Sounder inshore of Oceanus. They were soon joined by Sally Ann shoreward of Sounder. On the offshore side was Sally Ride. Oceanus’ radar shows the 5 vessels all in a row headed north. The ADCP from Oceanus shows some nice upwelling, with southward flow at both depths and offshore at the surface with onshore at depth. Anyone see eddies in those plots? Thanks to Steve Pierce for the ADCP plots. And thank you V. Walfrid Ekman for the wind-driven flows. Oceanus successfully slalomed through some SWIFT and SIO drifters as they were transported offshore by the Ekman transport. The final shot is of our intrepid Oceanus science team, all 8 of us doing 12-hour shifts of 4 each.

From left to right: Raelynn Heinitz (OSU undergrad, Env. Sci), Mei Sato (OSU postdoc, bioacoustics), Marnie Jo Zirbel (OSU faculty research assistant), Jacqueline (Jack) McSweeney (sitting, OSU postdoc), Jack Barth (OSU), Lisa Nyman (UMiami grad student, marine Doppler radar), Johannes Becherer (OSU postdoc, microstructure) and Steve Pierce (OSU research associate).