Bring on the wind!

What a difference a day makes. Here’s a photo of a CTD launch on Oceanus this morning (9/15) giving data as we pass through these internal waves visible on the echosounder

The vertical profiles show two groupings, as the internal waves heave the thermocline up and down.

With some clever changes in the plotting scale, you can make fun patterns like this 🙂

This afternoon the winds picked up to over 30 knots and the ocean started looking like the California Current is supposed to look!

We’re presently sampling side-by-side with the Sally Ride on alongshore legs between the Oceano array moorings, mapping out the vorticity field and waiting for the non-linear bore arrival. We’ll measure the velocity and density fields as the ocean gets a shove from these strong winds.

—Jack Barth and the R/V Oceanus team