Ship ops teleconference notes – May/26/2017

Call minutes – Inner Shelf DRI ship ops (May/26/2017) Attendees: Amy Waterhouse, Jen MacKinnon, André Palóczy, Jim Lerczak, Kate Adams, John Colosi. Soliton chasing module comments: The purpose of the longer line in the IW chasing document is to get a sense of deep to shallow transition. Jim L.: We need to think about the spacing between ships chasing the … Read More

Ship ops teleconference notes – May/05/2017 and May/16/2017

Call minutes – Inner Shelf DRI ship ops (May/05/2017 and May/16/2017) Soliton chasing module (8-12 h, nighttime): Data from the Pilot experiment: High-frequency IWs dissipate at ~15-30 m, signal is very messy and weak around the rocky outcrop, but could still make out some of it. Between 50 m and 30 m, signal of the packet was clear. If Biosonics echosounders … Read More

Teleconference notes, 3 May 2017

Inner Shefl DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-05-03 attendees: Chris Chickadel, Melissa Moulton, Joe Calantoni, Ed Braithwaite, Ata Suanda, Luc Lenain, Andy Moore, Amy Waterhouse, David Honegger, Manu Di Lorenzo, Tony de Paolo, Art Miller, Chris Edwards, Jack Barth, Jen MacKinnon, John Colosi, Will Crawford, Jim Moum, Johannes Becherer, André Palóczy, Nirnimesh Kumar, Will Crawford, Reggie Beach Agenda Ship IOP ops overview/discussion … Read More

Ship ops teleconference notes – April/26/2017

Call minutes – Inner Shelf DRI ship ops (April/26/2017) Ride: 3-4 kt, fishing reel with microstructure profiler, bow chain with RBR Solos/Concertos and side-mounted ADCP. Sep/17-19: Overlap with Sproul. Sproul: 4 kt, bow chain, SADCP (maybe a side-mounted ADCP), fishing reel/winch (possibly borrow one of J. Nash’s) with towed body (an RBR Concerto, or Drew Lucas’ RBR with chl-a fluorometer … Read More