Ship ops teleconference notes – May/26/2017

Call minutes – Inner Shelf DRI ship ops (May/26/2017)

Attendees: Amy Waterhouse, Jen MacKinnon, André Palóczy, Jim Lerczak, Kate Adams, John Colosi.

Soliton chasing module comments:

  • The purpose of the longer line in the IW chasing document is to get a sense of deep to shallow transition.

  • Jim L.: We need to think about the spacing between ships chasing the IW fronts. What is the along-shelf coherence scale of the NLIWs and bores?

  • John: Are ship-based measurements of TKE dissipation more accurate than from moorings? Jen: Yes.

  • Jen, André: IW chasing cross-shelf lines will also produce useful data for the large-scale variability (e.g., vorticity, divergence, strain, dissipation).

General remarks:

  • John: Might have 2-3 days to spare at the end of mooring deployment period for surveying.

  • Jim L.: Kalipi will be available for ~10 h daily, return to Avila Beach early. Watch out for Santa Ana winds.

  • Jim L.: Will ship gear and Kalipi to a small facility on Avila Beach owned by Cal Poly.

  • Jim M.: Will help set up Hans Graber’s radar on the Oceanus.

  • Bottom is silty/sandy offshore of the ~30 m isobath, rocky around Pt. Sal and sandy elsewhere.


  • André: Do ship sampling of model outputs (code is working, need higher-frequency model outputs to sample).

  • André: Write meso-/submesoscale module document.

  • John C.: Contact aircraft group (Ken, Luc, Chris C. and Gordon F.) asking about their plans (DONE, waiting for reply).

  • John C.: Contact radar group (Eric T. and Tony) asking about the X-band radar on the Ride (DONE, Eric will follow up by email next week).

  • Jim L.: Make simplified spreadsheet with schedules of the 4 vessels (overlapping periods, etc).