Ship ops teleconference notes – April/26/2017

Call minutes – Inner Shelf DRI ship ops (April/26/2017)


  • 3-4 kt, fishing reel with microstructure profiler, bow chain with RBR Solos/Concertos and side-mounted ADCP.

  • Sep/17-19: Overlap with Sproul.


  • 4 kt, bow chain, SADCP (maybe a side-mounted ADCP), fishing reel/winch (possibly borrow one of J. Nash’s) with towed body (an RBR Concerto, or Drew Lucas’ RBR with chl-a fluorometer and O2 sensor, other options).

  • Being under the HF/X-band radars’ footprints would be ideal. Consider this when choosing the sampling box.

  • Sep/17-19: Overlap with Ride.


  • Survey mostly on the inner shelf, 15 m – 30/50 m.

  • Will do deep CTD casts during deep buoy deployments to provide hydrographic background.

  • 4-5 kt, ADCPs + towed vehicles.

Kalipi/other small boats:

  • Can survey up to the ~10 m isobath.

  • ADCP. 1200 kHz (high res) or 600 kHz (full-depth coverage).

  • Backup RBR with 6 Hz CTD + OBS.

  • 12 h ops, ~10 h of science time.

  • Plan to depart very early to return before late afternoon.

Other remarks:

  • Wil have periods with 2 vessels and periods with 4 vessels. Coordinate the science goals accordingly.

  • Coordinate surveys in 36-48 h modules. Will average out some of the tidal variability, but still be fast enough to avoid important changes in the wind forcing.

  • Amy: Quad-copter with infra-red camera may be available.

  • Jack: Idea for multi-vessel period: Occupy 2 or 3 boxes simultaneously. One north of Pt. Sal (in the OB area), one south of Pt. Sal and one centered on Pt. Sal.

  • Jen: Idea for soliton chasing surveys: What is the along-shelf coherence scale of the packet? Follow the same wave front with 2, 3 or 4 ships simultaneously.

Next steps:

  • Sproul, Ride, Oceanus and small boat groups should provide preliminary sampling coordinates to sample the ROMS outputs and compare with the ROMS instantaneous fields. This will help assess the degree of time aliasing we should expect in the field.

  • Amy created a shared Google doc for the ship ops. Each group will update it as new details are defined.

  • Touch base at the Munk Symposium (May/15-18 at SIO).