Transects and Boxes

Yesterday, September 11th, the Kalipi crew got over the afternoon hump with the arrival of numerous slicks and red biological growth on the water surface. It did help us not want to jump into the water. The energy was high until the end of the day!

Jenny and Una observe and sample the convergence line, because they give a dam (Go Beavs!).

Pelican caught between the Oceanus, a mooring (teeny tiny white speck), and slick spots.

Jim and Jenny make alterations to the CTD, wrapping lead weights around the CTD itself.


Today, the Kalipi crew spent the day running surveys using the side-mounted ADCP and the fast profiling CTD in a box pattern by Pt. Sal. We enjoyed the wonderful views and company while we caught things at the bottom of the ocean. We made things a little challenging for the CTD team with sharp turns made by a new boat driver in training (that would be me…Una). We were able to see more internal wave slicks today as well. All is well aboard the Kalipi!

Jenny, Matt, and Taylor getting ready for a fun filled day.

Sea lions wishing us farewell from Port San Luis Pier.

Internal waves in the sky over internal waves in the ocean!

Una on standby with the Sally Ride on the horizon.


-Una Savić