teleconference notes – 5 April 2017

Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-04-05

attendees: Chris Chickadel, Melissa Moulton, Gordon Farquharson, Joe Calantoni, David Honnegar, Nirnimesh Kumar, Falk, Ata Suanda, Matt Spydell, Jim Lerczak, Amy Waterhouse, Maarten Buijsman, Kevin Haas, Jack Barth, Chris Edwards, Jen McKinnon

Review and refine schedules for the IOPs in September/October. Please update the spreadsheet [1] with the latest information.
COAMPS runs input (Jamie). Questions from Jim Doyle:
Would the DRI benefit from real-time forecasts?
Should they be coupled to the ocean and/or waves?
How long of a period of time would you need real time forecasts?
Would the DRI need hindcast simulations?
Coupled or uncoupled?
What period of time?

OSU small boat, mooring deployment, dates? (Jack will add to the calendar)
SIO drifters, 12-19th intensive period, possible in second period (Falk will add to the calendar)
Ground-based radars to add to the calendar (David-Mick, Eric-Tony)
SIO aircraft, will they be there for the second survey (5-14 Oct)?
OSU Array turn-around time vs. survey?
Jen requests other ship-board scientists to contact her to participate in sampling and coordinating berths

Joe recommends Eric’s email re: COAMPS modeling
Table larger discussion until next meeting

Model output
fall 2009 6.5 months movies online (Matt Spydell)

Environmental Compliance
Please look at the spreadsheet with equipment to make sure everything is up to date (personnel, equipment, dates)
Falk will share link to spreadsheet again for review