Sea life stowaways

Data are not the only things our instruments have brought back to the surface. Several sea critters have become quite attached to our landers. In one case, a tan spotted sea anemone had made a home on the lander’s bottom shaft. Marnie gently evicted the critter overboard.

Another lander brought up three small brown spotted octopuses, which promptly skittered off the tripod as soon as it hit the deck (see two videos here and here). The little guys are surprisingly agile, even with their eyes closed. You can hear Sarah as she holds one of the octopuses in her hands saying, “it’s so sticky!”. We helped them jump ship after some oohs and ahhs.

Several additional landers have brought more eight-legged visitors. Does anyone recognize the species? Please let us know if you do. This is the problem with a boat full of only physical oceanographers and engineers!
– Jenessa Duncombe and the R/V Oceanus team


Marnie, the sea anemone rescuer.

Times up, buddy.












One of the octopuses, mid-escape. Make sure to you don’t miss our two videos (links above in main text).