Oceanus: Mooring deployments complete; first NLIWs!

We finished mooring deployments from R/V Oceanus when we installed MS100 at first light. After that, we transited to near Avila Beach and Jim Lerczak, Una Savic (OSU graduate student) and Matthew Ball (OSU undergraduate student) boarded the 29-foot OSU research vessel Kalipi. Taylor Eaton (Captain) and Jenny Thomas (OSU graduate student) are the rest of the OSU R/V Kalipi team.

Oceanus then started a tow-yo CTD and ADCP survey along a cross-shelf line that parallels the southern mooring line in the Oceano array, from 20m out to about 55m. We saw some big NLIWs that are easily seen in the ship’s radar and the UMiami Marine Doppler Radar. Note the two wave packets from different directions. The larger N-S oriented waves were 30-m amplitude with lots of evidence for mixing in the echosounder record. The CTD traces showed the huge changes in the thermocline. It was great to have the R/V Sally Ride join us!

—Jack Barth, Oceanus