Ship ops teleconference notes – April/05/2017

Call minutes – Inner Shelf DRI ship ops (April/05/2017)

•Paul Chua will be on the Ride.

•One engineer from Jen’s group will be on the Sproul.

•Need to think about brief larger-scale surveys to help interpret the main experiment data.

•Falk’s + Matt’s NPS drifter deployments: Crosses with 5 drifters are good, other spatial arrangements may work too.

•Sproul can deploy drifters along the repeat track, drifter group can pick them up. Check with ResTechs/Capt. Tom if it is possible to transfer drifters from small boat back to Sproul to re- deploy them.

•Oceanus will be surveying < 50 m.

•OSU small boats can survey 10-15 m, depending on wave and weather conditions.

•Jen is interested in doing additional headland wake surveys (~1-2 days).

•Ken + Luc are interested in flow separation.

Jen’s comments:

 Need to divide the science goals in two categories: 1) Goals that can be achieved with
short night surveys between mooring deployments (or other short surveys), without
the need for coordinating multiple ships and 2) Goals that require more than one ship
at once for longer, say for a few days.

 Ship survey goals are:

1 Onshore soliton chasing.

2 Alongshore surveys.

3 Radiator surveys at a front.

4 Irregular coastline.

5 Others?

 Which of these will benefit significantly from concurrent aircraft + drifter + radar data?

 Which ones will benefit from model forecasts?

 Need to plan how much time, how many ships each will need, and rank them by priority.