Mooring madness on the Sally Ride

The R/V Sally Ride arrived on site Friday morning local time and got right to work.  We had initially laid out what we thought was a slightly conservative but reasonable schedule of mooring deployments that would last for the first 4.5 days of our expedition.  We had not counted on the incredible energy, talent, precision and hard work of all of our mooring teams.  Friday we deployed 13 moorings, including the two large NRL ‘quad-pods’, and today another 17!  After two days of hard work we now have all but the final 5 deployed. Instead of being done mid-day on Tuesday, we now expect to have completed all mooring deployments by mid-day Sunday.  This will allow us to switch to process-based survey mode full time, joining our colleagues on the Oceanus, Sproul, Kalipi, and Sounder in coordinated sampling. We’ve been practicing our survey techniques on the night watch; more on some of those preliminary results tomorrow.  In the meantime, a few photos of our team hard at work.