Monthly Teleconference: 2017- 08-02

Inner Shelf DRI Monthly Meeting 2017-08-02

attendees: Just about everyone


  • Ship Ops brief
  • Daily communications/teleconference
  • Readiness Review

Ship Ops Brief

  • Strawman plan posted on the blog
  • Moorings will dictate final timing/availability for the surveys
  • Turnaround cruise will have more opportunity for added surveys
  • May add 17th or 18th of Sept survey day for Oceanus
  • Could receive most recent satellite imagery via Roland/Hans for internal wave tracking
  • NLIW lines represent 1 hour out and back
    • Distance is approx. e-folding of dissipation scale
    • Oceanus and SR will have radar recording
    • 3 modes of surveys, focused, Refraction, broad scale
    • 12 to 14 transects per cycle
  • CTD surveys
    • Stratification obs for modeling out to 200-250 m for N transect
    • Cross-shelf at Pt. Sal
  • Headland Eddies
    • Eddie timescale – hour
    • Vorticity decay also observable with planes (SAR, IR) and drifters. Question about wind regime for SAR (offshore winds shadowed by headlands)
  • Meso/submeso -scale flow
    • Sample on box perim. (blue takes 6 hrs @ 4 kts)
    • Repeated to determine lengthscales and statistics
    • One day for vorticity alongshore transects
    • Combine vorticity and mesoscale surveys

Daily Briefings

  • Skype of call – will try calling first, cell coverage expected to be okay
  • 2000 local time every day (can use APL conference line)
  • Planes will txt points of contact for each group on takeoff, use airband radios while in the air


  • SWIFT has AIS, bright float, and light for avoidance
  • SIO drifters are low profile (mostly submerged), have lights
  • NPS drifters are orange

Readiness review

  • APL plane – green, SAR is yellow due to permissions in review
  • APL in situ – green
  • SIO plane – greenish, airspace looks green
  • SIO Drones – operate Oceano beach
  • SIO ship – green
  • NPS ship – green, permits in for Pt Purisma moorings and NSFW moorings and active acoustics
  • Hans/Roland – greenish on satellite, yellow/green radar on Oceanus
  • Spindrift – green on wave buoys, constructing mooring
  • Tony – green on radars, yellow onLF6 power, green on met buoys
  • SIO drifters/moorings – green
  • OSU – radars green
  • OSU ship – green on ship ops and moorings
  • Sproul – yellow/green