IOP1 Day 2 Small Vessel Ops

Monday, Sep. 11 was the Feddersen group’s second day of small vessel transects and drifter deployments. After some early morning thunderstorm concern, the sky cleared up nicely and resulted in a productive day out on the water.

For the second day in a row, the Sally Ann teamed up with the RV Sounder to run two transect paths around Point Sal in tandem, shown below. Transects consist of data collection with a vessel-mounted ADCP while simultaneously conducting underway CTD casts.

The transect paths have now been repeated twice per day for two consecutive days, shown below, and will be continued tomorrow (9/12) with the entire fleet of vessels around the headland. In the figure below, the deepest CTD casts represent the corners of the transect paths at which stationary casts were made instead of tow-yoing to be able to get maximum vertical coverage. We saw evidence of an influx of warm water into the bay from the south-west transect corner, evident from the 16oC column of water around 10:45 on Sep. 11.