Deploying Sea-Spiders and T-chains at Pt. Sal

The past few days we have been taking advantage of the good wind and wave conditions to deploy our SeaSpiders on ADCPs and Thermistor chain moorings (Tchain) around Pt. Sal.   We have been staging out of the public boat launch at Port San Luis.   In the late afternoon, the launch and dock are relatively quiet.    Below, we are setting up the lead weights on the feet of the SeaSpiders to bring over to the R/V Saihkon.

Once the feet are set up we then transfer the SeaSpiders onto the R/V Saihkon with it’s davit.  Below, Brian, Mike, and Greg are guiding the spider as Brett runs the winch.

Once on station near Pt Sal, we then lower the SeaSpider down to the bed with the davit.  The SeaSpider is hanging on a bridle with a quick-release mechanism.  If there is no more tension on the line, it releases.  So once the SeaSpider lands on the bottom, the bridle will release.

Once the moorings and SeaSpiders are in the water, they are marked with a surface float.  Below are two surface floats marking locations PW1C and PW2C just 100 m and 200 m due west of the tip of Pt. Sal.  (Locations can be seen at the experiment map).

Another view where you can see the tip of Pt. Sal is below.

These two floats are the first two blue circles to the west of Pt Sal on the map below.