Info about live radar feed

Just a little info about the live radar feed, the feed can be found on the ISDRI blog under ObservationalData/Realtime Data or at this link, some instructions are located at the blog RealtimeData as well. This feed can be accessed from your phone, if you download the single image you can even view it in Google Earth on your phone … Read More

OSU X-band Site @Chevron GRP

Our shore based radar tower at the Guadalupe Restoration Project is up and running since Thurs afternoon. Example image above shows two sets of incident internal waves (~6km and ~3km offshore) at 737pm (local) on Aug 31. Red symbols are one of MacMahan’s arrays and blue symbols are Falk’s. So far, when zoomed in, rip current fields are also evident … Read More

Map of Planned Satellite Acquisitions

This week, CSTARS has ordered satellite SAR data takes for the first week of September, and a shared map has been created that will show all planned acquisition times, spatial coverages, and additional parameters from now on. This map is based on the Experiment Plan V4 and includes some of its layers (Bathymetry, Wave Moorings, Marine Radar) for orientation, but it is a … Read More